About Us

Print Works originated from an entrepreneurial dream in 2011.  Starting originally in the screen printing business Print Works quickly expanded into offering t-shirt vinyl and eventually into embroidered thread décor.  Print Works went from a manual shop not in the public into a fully automated facility as it developed its brand in the marketplace.

Print Works has continued to stay true to its core values and excellent customer service.  “Without Great Customers, There is No Print Works” said Owner / GM – Stephen A. Terrell

Over the course of the last several years Print Works has adopted what is known as the “Print Works Standards”.  The company has developed specific measureable ways to print, bake, clean, ext. and you can find these standard operating procedures (SOP’s) throughout the facility. These SOP’s do not only encompass printing but they also include design, sizing, screen burning in the dark room etc. Print Works controls the environment and the process of printing thus getting consistent results each and every day on the manufacturing floor.

Print Works started out offering printing on 1 brand of apparel and today offers over 100 brands of apparel, headwear, and accessories. If you do not see a brand you are looking for, a certain style, ext., make sure you contact our sales team (sales@parisprintworks.com)