About Us

Print Works used to be just a dream. That dream evolved to become a reality in 2011 while sitting in the dining room. The first manual press was used to create Print Works’ first decorated apparel. Who knew that something so simple could be so exciting?!

As our dreams grew, so did the company. We began striving for bigger and better things, learning from our mistakes along the way. The ability to be flexible is really what drove our business to success. Originally planned to offer screen printing only, the company later decided to also offer embroidered apparel as an option for our customers.

Fast forward seven years and three locations later–we are a fast and fully functioning manufacturing company. Our rapid growth has been credited to our amazing customers! Our owner and general manager, Stephen A. Terrell, said it best when he stated, “without great customers, there is no Print Works.” We are so thankful for our leadership staff, sales team, design team, and production crew and their fearless efforts to provide world-class service and apparel for our customers.

As we continue to expand and push to supply apparel for all people, we remember our small dream and where it all started. We got where we are today by hard work, determination, and staying true to our values and goals. We will continue following this process for the days and years to come!

So if you are looking for quality apparel and great service–always choose Print Works. We’re here for you!