Faux Leather Tags bring the upscale look of our Faux Leather Patches into the labeling and branding domain, offering a sophisticated and ethical alternative to traditional tags. These tags are laser-etched with your design, allowing for detailed imagery or text and then neatly folded over the edges of garments. The result is a premium, tactile branding element that adds value to hats, bags, and apparel.
Pros: Allows for detailed laser-etched designs with a luxurious debossed effect. Versatile shape and design options for tailored branding solutions.
Cons: 2-tone color limitation, which may impact design flexibility. Made from faux leather, providing a vegan option but not the feel of real leather.
Tips: Best applied to areas of garments that benefit from a high-end branding touch, such as waistbands, hems, or pockets.