Interested in starting a fundraiser, we'd love to help! 

In 2023, we helped raise over $37,000 for our local communities. 
All of this at NO COST to you! 

Stores do not have to just be to help a family in need, while that is a great way to help! We open stores for offices, ball teams, organizations and many more. 

Our stores have many perks that make it a great tool for all customers. 
  • In House Design Team - Simply give us an idea to start with and we will make the magic happen. 
  • Effortless Marketing - Our team will post links on our social media and you can easily share this with your friends. 
  • Hands-Off Selling - You never have to take an order, collect money or sort an order. We do all these for you! 
  • Expanded Reach - Our platform is mobile friendly, opening the customer base up to anyone with a smart phone. 
  • Seamless Flexibility - It's your fundraiser, done your way! 
Once you have worked with our Sales and Design Team to narrow down the products, designs, profit, and other details. Our Marketing Team builds your site in 24-48 hours. Then the store is open for orders! We take orders for an allotted amount of time (normally 1-2 weeks) then all orders are produced at once after the store is closed. 
We offer all this at no charge to you, all we ask is that minimums are met on each item that you choose to sell online, all this will be reviewed with you prior to the store opening. 

We are excited to see how many customers we can help in 2024!