Embroidery Patches are the epitome of classic customization, featuring 100% thread coverage for a rich, textured appearance. With no twill visible, these patches offer a fully embroidered design that brings artwork to life with depth and vibrancy. Custom cut into any shape, they are edged with surged stitching for a secure and polished application to apparel or accessories. Ideal for creating a standout look, Embroidery Patches are a top choice for those seeking traditional craftsmanship combined with durable aesthetics.
Pros: Allows for any shape, providing versatility in design. Offers a distinctive, fully embroidered look with no twill background.
Cons: The intricacy of designs is limited due to 100% thread coverage. Requires a minimum order of 50, with a longer production lead time.
Tips: Opt for simple designs to ensure clarity and impact, maximizing the unique texture of embroidery.
Additional Note: Our Embroidery Patches set the standard for high-quality, fully embroidered designs, perfect for those who value traditional aesthetics with a modern twist. Ideal for uniforms, clubs, and commemorative apparel, these patches ensure your logo or design stands out with unparalleled detail and craftsmanship.