PVC Patches are a modern, durable option for custom branding, made from a flexible rubber material that can be precisely cut into any desired shape. These patches offer a sleek, professional look with the ability to feature detailed designs in vibrant 3D. Edged with surged stitching, they can be seamlessly attached to various types of apparel and accessories. Perfect for creating a bold statement, PVC Patches stand out for their durability and high-quality finish.
Pros: Highly customizable shapes for personalized branding. Detailed, professional designs with a 3D appearance.
Cons: Limited to designs with up to 6 colors. Higher minimum order quantity of 100, with a longer production time.
Tips: Ideal for adding a distinctive touch to shirts, hats, and bags, enhancing both style and brand visibility.
Additional Insight: Custom PVC Patches offer an affordable yet durable way to convey your message or brand. Their rubber material ensures longevity, making them a practical choice for outdoor gear, tactical uniforms, or any item that faces wear and tear. With a sewable border, these patches provide an easy yet secure application, promising to elevate the look of any garment with their unique 3D effect.