Twill Patches offer a classic yet customizable option for adding detailed designs to apparel and accessories. Crafted with a twill backing and 50-75% embroidery, these patches provide a durable and visually appealing element to any garment. Each patch is precisely cut into any desired shape and securely edged with surged stitching for a neat finish. Ideal for uniforms, promotional items, and personal projects, Twill Patches deliver detailed imagery with a distinctive embroidered texture.
Pros: Highly customizable in shape, catering to unique design needs. Capable of showcasing detailed designs with a portion of embroidery.
Cons: Limited thread color options; cannot mix and match within a single design. Requires a minimum order of 50 patches, with a longer production time.
Tips: Simplify designs to ensure clarity and impact, given the detail limitations.
Additional Note: For those seeking even more detail or a different aesthetic, explore our Woven Patches for intricate designs.